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Your eye doctors in Overland Park and Merriam provide eye exams and eye care treatment. As doctors of the human eye they are experienced in diagnosing and treating ocular diseases and eye conditions that impair your vision. Our eye doctors pay close attention to your eye’s health condition and can perform numerous eye exams in order to determine exactly how to treat your eyes.
With an experienced eye doctor your vision problems are in good hands. All the Kessler Eyecare doctors at Overland Park and Merriam are professionals with years of experience and an outstanding performance record. They can fit you with the right vision aid, be it corrective lenses, eyeglass lenses or contact lenses. The choice is up to you.

As your eye doctors in Overland Park we encourage all our patients to tell us more about their vision problems. We believe in understanding our patient’s individual needs in order to give them a better more attuned eye care service. Asking questions and getting answers is just a part of the eye care process here at Kessler Eyecare and it will help both our doctors and our patients along their eye exam and their followed treatment.

You are welcome to meet our eye doctor team serving Overland Park and  Merriam, both near Kansas City:

Doctor photo

Joseph L. Kessler, O.D.

Dr. Joseph Kessler graduated with honors from the University of Missouri St. Louis School of Optometry in 1996.  He is married with two children.  He enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid cyclist.  He saw his first patient at Kessler Eye Care in 1999.  Interestingly enough that first patient now...
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Darren Reed, O.D.

Darren Reed, O.D. has been practicing with Kessler Eyecare since 2010. A Kansas City native, Dr. Reed graduated with honors from the University of Kansas and Magna cum Laude from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN. He is a member of the Kansas Optometric Association, the American Optometric Association,...

Dr. Robert Broaddus OD